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PhotoPerry presents the images of your life. Here are some of the photographic portrait services offered:

Children & Kids/Personality Portraits

Hey mom, guess what? Your little baby is growing up… and fast! One minute she’s smiling in her crib, and then in a blink of the eye, she’s lost her first tooth and headed to kindergarten. That’s why you need professional portraits of your children. Now! Three months from now, your baby won’t look like she does today. Everything about her will change.

Your memories will fade, but these portraits will always be there. Forever.

The session includes:

  • Pre-shoot phone consultation
  • Up to two hours in your home/nearby outdoor location
  • 2-4 outfit changes

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Teen Sessions/Amazing Location Portraiture

Wow… Look who grew up. That happened way too fast! Book a Teen Session before your senior graduates and goes off to college. Don’t miss this opportunity to capture timeless professional portraits of your son or daughter before they begin life’s  journey as adults.

The session includes:

Pre-shoot consultation

Up to three hours in your home/nearby outdoor location

2-4 outfit changes

Hair & Makeup Services

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Legacy Portraits/True to Life

A hundred years from now, people will look at your portrait and wonder – who was this person? So much information about you gleamed from a single image.

Make sure you leave the world one great image of yourself – a Legacy Portrait.

There is no telling who might be looking at you one day…

The session includes:

  • Pre-shoot phone consultation
  • Up to two hours in your home/nearby outdoor location

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Location, Location, Location

Studio Portraits with a plain background are great for business headshots, but it’s only a place to start capturing your personality. Different indoor and outdoor locations will definitely set your portraits apart from the crowd. Together we will find the best locations to make your portraits unique. Just like you…

What happens after the shoot?

After your session is complete and the images are edited (Usually within one week), we will meet for a viewing presentation. This is when you will be able to order prints and other photographic products of your portraits.

I have specific poses in mind

Great! We’ll do those, and then we’ll try some of my ideas. You get to choose which images you like the best during the viewing presentation.

Hair & Makeup?

Definitely a good idea! We use Emann. She is the best at making you look your best!

What if it’s cloudy, rainy, or snowing on the day of our session?

Photography is all about seeing and utilizing great light. If nature doesn’t cooperate on the day of your portrait session, we will make our own light! Obviously, if a major storm threatens safety, we will reschedule at no additional charge. This is supposed to be fun, right?


A non-refundable credit card deposit is required to book a portrait session with PhotoPerry.